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Road to Covenant

Seeking After God's Best For Your Love Life.

Equipping you to experience healthy, happy and holy romance

We are a ministry focused on helping you enjoy a transformed love life with Christ at the center. Marriage is an incredible gift from God, and when it’s pursued His way, we believe it can truly be a taste of heaven on earth.


Hi, we’re Brandon & Sheretta, a husband and wife team committed to helping you experience God’s best in your love life. 


Since our relationship began in 2013, we’ve been dedicated to seeing relationships and families strengthen, grow and thrive on godly principles of love.


We know what it’s like to want to grow your relationship in a way that will honor God but you’re seeking guidance on how to practically apply biblical counsel. We’ve been there before. And that’s why we’re here to share, encourage and walk with you on your journey. 


Love At Home Ministries provides a set of services designed to transform the way you approach and understand relationships. Our books, videos, seminars, and premarital coaching provide the practical, Christ-centered insight needed on your relationship journey.


Through our personal experiences of courtship and marriage, we are here to help you gain a deeper understanding of God’s desires for your love life. 


If you’re ready to put away the frustration from your past and start a new chapter of godly romance with purpose, we’d love to help you.


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