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Like you, we understand how it feels to be confused and overwhelmed by all of the information on relationships today. With so many different and often conflicting ideas out there, it has become increasingly difficult for people to find that tried and true way to happy romance.

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In 2013, we felt the exact same way.

We were just a few months into our relationship and we were searching for some reliable guidance on how to have a healthy relationship together. Both of us had come from tumultuous past relationships, but we were committed to doing things differently this time around. 


As we searched online for help, we found a lot and a little at the same time. 


Let us explain. We found a lot of people talking and writing about marriage, but we could hardly find anyone sharing on how to get there. 


We wondered if there were others looking for this information too. By that point, God had been teaching us so much through the early days of our relationship and we felt led to start documenting our personal journey to share with others.

In January 2014, we launched our YouTube channel, Worth the Wait, by posting a series of videos entitled “The Courtship Series”

The response from viewers left us stunned. 


Within a few months, the channel grew to thousands of viewers from around the world. As we read the comments and emails that poured in, we realized we were building a true connection with our audience. Singles and couples alike connected with the transparency, practicality, and relatable nature that we brought to each video.


From discussing boundaries in dating to long-distance relationships and communication to personal finances, nothing was off limits pertaining to an individual’s relationship journey. Several years later now, we have been fortunate to travel domestically and internationally sharing on God’s way for relationships today.  


Love at Home Ministries is an expression of that mission and allows us to support singles and couples with reliable, Bible-based resources for their journey to healthy, happy, and holy romance. 


Who We Are!

Hi! We’re Brandon and Sheretta, a husband and wife team committed to helping people experience God’s best in their love lives. 


We met on the campus of Cornell University as two young college students and our lives truly haven’t been the same since. Somehow, God took a boy from Indiana and a girl from NYC, and has allowed us to enjoy a love that is beyond explanation.


And that's the same love that fuels our passion to serve people just like you every single day. People who have been through some stuff, but are searching for something better. 


Looking back on our childhoods and our life journeys, it’s no mistake that God has called us to serve in such a delicate area as love and relationships. For the past seven years, we’ve counseled thousands of people through our YouTube channel, Worth the Wait; our seminars at various conferences and events; and most recently, our book,

Tokens of Love: A 31-Day Devotional Through the Love Stories of the Bible”.


If you’ve reached this point, we’d love to talk with you more, hear your story, and see if there’s a way that we can be a part of your relationship journey. We look forward to meeting you!

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